November 1st 2021

Github Panels

Since fairly recently, github has introduced a new way to amp up our profiles. This time involving a file. To make use of it, create a repository with your name as its name, and create a file inside. Now when you navigate back to your profile page itself.

And voila! You’ve just created your very first github profile readme! Now because of the markdown support within the readme files users came up with a lot of creative ways to make their profile stand out.


A definite honorable mention here is the github-readme-stats by anuraghazra.

Although github-readme-stats has a wide range of functionality, and, in my humble opinion, looks pretty freakin sweet, I lusted for something more personal. As well as even try and make some custom features to suit my needs.

Introduce Github Panels

What you see above is the current state of my configuration. I am currently still highly in the middle of building and designing what I want it to look like.

Lets talk about what we can see. First things first lets look at the following card: ![/assets/github-panels/github-panels-h1.png]

The Cards are generated using my own little svg generation system, server-side, and using netlify functions. The great advantages of this approach is that content can be generated on server load, and it doesnt require a process to be running at all times.

The current situation is that github requests the image from the cloud as soon as they are required, and then caches them for a certain amount of time at their own github user content cdn, aswell as on the user’s clientside.

The actual images as they appear on the final page sadly arent as interactible as they would normaly be for the sole and